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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A good diet

When a person’s body is well, when his mind is sound, active and he feels in good spirits he is in good health.

The well being of the body, mind, and emotions are all parts of good health and are all closely tied together. Sound mental and emotional attitudes are most important to general health, but keeping the body well is the foundation of good health. The best way to keep your body sound and strong is to see that it is cared for properly.

Proper care of the body begins with a good diet. The foods you eat and fluids you drink supply the body with the materials it needs to do its work and to grow.

Different foods contain different substances needed by the body. Foods like meat, milk, fish, cheese, and eggs contain proteins. These are substances needed to repair and build muscle and bone. Proteins also supply some of the fuel that the body turns into energy.

Carbohydrates and fats are the body’s main sources of energy. Foods like bread, cereals, fruits, vegetables and sugar contain carbohydrate. Cream, butter, mayonnaise, and nuts contain fats.

If the diets includes proteins, fats and carbohydrates, it also includes the vitamins and minerals you need. Vitamins are chemicals that help the body make proper use of the food you eat. Minerals help build some of the body’s structures and help adjust some of its functions. (In certain cases a doctor may feel that extra vitamins are necessary, and he will prescribe them).

Water is needed to help carry food to the cells and to help the body get rid of waste matter. Since most foods contain water, a large part of your daily need is supplied by the foods you eat. But, in addition, you should drink several glasses of liquid a day.

Exercise is another important part of the daily care of the body. Physical exercise helps keep weight under control by using some of the energy supplied by food. Exercise also keeps the muscles healthy and in good tone.

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A headache is one of man’s most common enemies. Most people get headaches from time to time. What causes headaches and what can we do about them?.

Tension headaches
Probably more than 90 percent of all headaches are caused by worry or tension. Modern living produces tension for everybody, at work, at school and at home. What can we do about tension and worry in our life ?. First, find out what is causing the tension. It may be caused by feelings or emotions. Do you worry too much over what people think of you, over your clothes, or about what you did or didn’t say? Are you on good terms with your employer, neighbor, best friends, school friend or family ? if not, why not ? Next, find a way of reducing tension. Gardening, walking, running, swimming or any activity suitable for your age will help reduce tension. Then, look at your way of life. Ask yourself, where am I going ? and why ? Learn the secret of relaxation. Lie down in a dark quiet room and relax as much as possible by taking several slow breaths. Let all your muscles relax.

Headaches caused by habit

Habit of daily living also produce headaches. These include lack of exercise, especially sitting four hours watching TV or studying, lack of fresh air, lack of sleep and eating too much. Get in the habit of balanced living plenty of sleep, regular exercise, regular meals, good food, fresh air and avoid harmful things such as heavy smoking, alcohol and very strong coffee. A headache can be the body’s reaction against things such as these.

There are other causes of headaches. We will talk about headaches caused by infections and low blood sugar. Remember that if your headache gets worse, see your doctor.

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Exercise for health

Every one knows that exercise is good for you. It makes your muscles strong. It keeps your heart healthy, and it keeps you fit. But many of us have false ideas about how exercise actually helps us. This is what I want to talk about.

Does exercise help only those parts of the body which you exercise ? No. For instance, if you want to make your waist and stomach. You must exercise your whole body, including the waist. Then you will lose weight from all over your body, including your waist. How often do you need to exercise ? Scientist have found that to keep muscles healthy, you must exercise at least every second day. You won’t keep yourself fit if you only exercise once or twice a week.

Is walking as good as running ? Walking is one of the best forms of exercise. It makes the blood move throughout your whole body and it makes you feel good. Did you know that if you run or walk for a kilometer, you are carrying the same weight over the same distance.

To keep yourself fit, you should exercise for about 20 minutes a day. Some people tell me that exercise makes them bored. True, it may not make you excited or improve your good qualities, but it will keep you healthy and help you live a longer life.

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