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Monday, August 13, 2007

Family life in the past and today

Modern life has changed the relationship of the family to the community. In the past relatives could be counted on to help if there was trouble in the family. Grandparents, brothers, sisters or cousins would gather around to help if someone was ill, lost his job, or faced some other kinds of problem. Today, however, families are smaller and relatives are likely to be living many kilometers away.

Many of these emergencies are now taken over by government, community, and social agencies, community family service agencies. Help is given by private insurance firms and State Agencies. Community family Service Agencies in many cities offer guidance to parents who are having problems with children. There are always guidance and counseling provided by most schools that are always ready to help students and parents.

Many aspects of family life have changed from the time people lived in forest and caves. Nevertheless, the unit of father, mother and children continues as the most desirable way of living. Life has become more complicated, but thousands of year of experience have taught people new ways of facing new problems. People have discovered new ways of understanding and have continued to find deep satisfaction in family living.

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